Tragic Fire at Honey Do Rescue Ranch. Donations and Prayers Needed.

December 12, 2010
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December 13, 2010
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The status update on Facebook read: “The Honey Do Ranch Barns (all connected) are on fire. Most of the animals are stuck in the barn. We have lots of horses and ponies and hopefully goats that will survive and we need urgent temporary shelter for those that can help. Please call 612-735-0636 if you can help.”

It's hard not to smile watching this one:

The large field behind my house is home to many critters including rabbits, field mice and 13-stripe ground squirrels. So when I decided to plant a vegetable garden, I was determined not to use chemical animal deterrents or pesticides, as my goal was a harvest of organic veggies.

I telepathically contacted my herbivorous neighbors and offered the animals one-half of the garden's harvest in exchange for no disturbance of buds, leaves or plant roots.

Last evening a bee/yellow-jacket looking thing landed between the computer monitor and me. I had been working in the office for hours and hadn’t a clue that the insect was even in the house!