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Dakota, German Shepherd Dog/Great Dane MixWe met Marilyn when our 8-year-old Great Dane/German Shepherd mix, Dakota, was trained on our new Invisible Fence.  We were unsure about how Dakota would react to the fence.  Marilyn put us at ease by clearly explaining and demonstrating the training and Dakota responded very well to her.

When we decided we wanted to work on some of Dakota's behaviors--walking on leash, interacting with other dogs while on leash, greeting guests at the door--we called Marilyn.  She discussed Dakota's behavior with us and made sure she understood what we wanted to accomplish with the training.  She observed Dakota's and our behavior and worked with us in finding the right solutions--we needed to learn as much as Dakota!

The improvements came very quickly and it was a lot of fun for Dakota and for us.  Before it was a chore to walk Dakota, and now it's a pleasure for all of us. 

Marilyn is very knowledgeable and has given us a better understanding of how Dakota thinks and how our behavior influences his.  We now have the tools we need to continue teaching Dakota new things.  We've highly recommended Marilyn to all our friends.

Chris, David, and Dakota
Minneapolis, MN


In Memoriam:  Dakota: April 15, 2001 to September 15, 2009

I wanted to let you know Chris and I decided to have Dakota euthanized yesterday.  An extremely difficult decision, a very rough day and exhausting past several weeks.  Over the past month, Dakota battled an undetermined and unresolved autoimmune disease(s) that attacked his body from many sides.  We and the doctors couldn't stay ahead of it to make him well and enjoy the quality of life a dog like Dakota deserves.
It's amazing to me how much love and happiness our pets bring to us and our lives.  I am thankful Dakota could share some of that joy with friends and family and the people he met along his 8 1/2 years.  I am also thankful for the support and caring of friends and family who have helped care for Dakota in the past.  You helped me in making a good life for him filled with love and caring, dog walks, playmates, tasty treats, fair discipline, extended belly rubs, and safe cozy places to nap.  As a dog, Dakota didn't need or want for much.  As a friend, companion and family member he gave us a million times more.
Give your dogs some extra love and treats today.  And think of Dakota running around in God's yard playing with his friends.
Take care, David