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Millie - German Shepherd DogThanks to last weeks class regarding food and the danger of certain foods, I was informed.

Ironically enough my youngest daughter (4 yrs old) was sneaking some grapes - she didn't want to get caught, so she hid them on our shortest counter in the kitchen behind my purse. I was getting ready upstairs, when I came down stairs there was Millie with a bag of grapes. I wasn't sure if she ate any or not, so I called the emergency vet and they instructed to induce vomiting. So down the hatch - hydrogen peroxide, it took seconds to discover Millie had ate between 20-30 grapes. Which for her size could/would have lead to instant Renal Failure. Very scary. I am glad to report she is just fine. Thank God.

Tedie German Shepherd DogNeedless to say grapes are permanently off our grocery list for awhile and it was a good reminder to me that even through she is being a very well behaved Pup..She still is a "puppy". haha..

So a huge Thank you for sharing your knowledge of "bad" foods, I may have blown her eating grapes off otherwise.

Tedie F. and Millie, German Shepherd Dog
Attended Training at Paws & Pals, Prior Lake
January 2012