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Jayda - MalamuteAbsolutely love Marilyn and her teaching ways...teaching the dog AND the human how to work as one. After going through all of her classes my dog has become a great member of my family that I truly believe is from what Marilyn has taught us.

I can better understand what is going through my dog's mind, and by knowing this I am able to find ways to better train him or help him. He is wonderful to bring into public as well as bringing to my family functions.

MalamutesCommands/tricks Marilyn has taught us: Leave it, Take it, break, touch, wait, stay, sit, lay down, relax, heal, come, to sit when coming to a stop when walking, stand, go kennel, command to go from a down to a sit, walking in a crowd, closing cupboard doors, as well as getting us ready for the Canine Good Citizen Test and many more!  She teaches a positive reinforcement technique that allows your dog to think for itself, instead of us telling him what to do. I very much recommend her in any dog training needs, whether its one-on-one or in a class setting. She is very good about answering specific problems that your dog is having, whether it be during the class or during the week she always has an answer!

Marilyn has also helped us transition with bringing a new puppy into our household, which already had my male dog and a male cat.  She has been amazing the entire almost 2 years we have worked with her and not sure what my animals would have turned out to be without her.

Angie B. with Dexter & Jayda, Malamutes
Puppy, Level 1, Level 2+ Training at Paws & Pals, Prior Lake
January 2013