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MercuryAfter years of using a more 'traditional' method of training our dogs, we enlisted Marilyn's help when we rescued a dog with a crazy personality and a million quirky issues, realizing our standard discipline style of training was not going to work with this scared, crazy dog.   Marilyn was able to teach not only the Canine Dog, but the human "Old Dogs" some amazing training techniques which we had always scoffed at in the past, but had never tried.   She came in and made us change our entire way of thinking, training and relating to not just our rescue, but all of our dogs. I can never thank her enough, and to this day, that crazy rescue dog knows more tricks than all my other dogs put together....and we owe it all to Marilyn!

Mercury & Luna

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Diane S & Mercury (Rottweiler)
Eden Prairie, MN

Private Training with Mercury - April 2011
Level 1 & Level 2 Class Training with Mercury - June-August 2011
Level 1 Class Training with Luna - October 2012