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Mia in PlantsMy Siberian Husky, Mia, and I benefited greatly from several sessions of private training from Marilyn and Pure Spirit. She came to our home and showed me several ways that I was contributing to Mia's misbehavior. It was helpful to have Marilyn working with Mia in her own environment. Mia has a mischievous personality and likes to play which Marilyn was able to develop some ways to turn her natural behavior into more positive interaction. Mia liked to listen only when she wants but with Marilyn's patience and kind manner now listens and follows directions when I want her to.  I highly recommend Marilyn in all aspects of dog training.  Mia gets so excited when Marilyn comes that I know she would recommend her too!!

Shannon D & Mia (Siberian Husky)
Eden Prairie, MN

Private Training with Mia- August 2009