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My dog, Paxton, is a loving sweet low-maintenance animal except when strangers come to my house or walk towards me. This appears to him as an aggressive act. We go to the dog park and he is great with other dogs. But if you are a stranger, in my house or approaching me he growls, nips and jumps at you. Needless to say this is not acceptable behavior.

Because I do believe animals think, have feelings and memories I contacted Marilyn about Paxton. I talked with Marilyn several times about him. She has been to my house, referred me on to a dog-training class and suggested other kinds of classes that I might take. Marilyn not only had some unique insights into Paxton, it was clear she was directly communicating with him. Marilyn not only uses her psychic abilities to communicate with Paxton; she uses her wisdom and knowledge about dogs to gain insights and help both the animal and the trainer. Her dedication to help Paxton and myself has been above and beyond what most people would do. Without her, I don't know where we would be at, but I am afraid in a very bad place.

Because of Marilyn, I know more about Paxton, I understand his feelings and thoughts and we are in a great training program. I know Marilyn will not stop working with us until this problem is resolved. We are getting closer each day to a solution and it is because of Marilyn.

I would highly recommend Marilyn's services to anyone interested. It will be well worth your time and your money. She is not only intuitive, she is kind, generous and has a lot of great wisdom. She will connect with you and your animal and you will learn a tremendous amount. You will be glad you contacted her.

- Peggy
& Paxton, Lowchen
Bloomington, MN