BoothPaws On Grand, St Paul, MN… no better place to be on Sunday August 1! Grand Avenue Business Association does a great job every year sponsoring this event of pets and their people, and this year was no exception.  From our booth on Dunlap and Grand we were able to do some serious people watching as their dogs proudly paraded them past a myriad of vendor booths and entertaining activities. 

Among the characters this year was a terrier mix with a red mohawk escorting his “human mom” wearing “Bad to the Bone” accessories and pulling a wagon with three caged fancy rats.

Two people were pushing a stroller with an orange tabby cat.  You might think the cat was curled up or hiding away from all the dogs, but he was sitting in the stroller front feet perched forward on the safety bar taking in all the craziness.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more happy or engaged cat!  I wish I’d gotten a picture of both these families. 

Boston Terrier Pup in a water dishWe did catch this little guy, though… the Boston Terrier puppy deBoston Terrier in a water bowlcided to cool off by taking a dip our water bowl.  It was a warm day, but the overcast skies and occasional breeze kept it pleasant. Water was readily available for thirsty dogs and the impulsive swimming puppy.