Boxer WalkBoxerWhat a blast at the Boxer Walk today (MN Boxer Rescue)!  So many wiggly, short-nosed, nubby-tailed beasts enjoying the day and keeping their people company!  It was fun to see the diversity in size, color and age.

Measuring a Boxer tailIt was quite an event with contests for shortest tail, longest tail, best kisser and most wiggly. There was lunch, a drawing and a silent auction.

Mary Rollie and her team of organizers did an amazing job of getting donations for the silent auction!  I was amazed at the wonderful and creative baskets and services that were offered. There was something for everyone. (Congratulations, Mary, for bidding on and winning the PureSpirit Gift Certificate!)

MastiffIf you didn’t make it this year, go next year. It won’t disappoint. And boxer people are not snobs, they even let a Mastiff, an American Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Weiner-dog (aka Dachshund),  a rottwieler and a mastiff join the fun.

BoxerAegis HauptmanLunch line