German Shepherd PuppyToday I had a booth at the MN Boxer Rescue Boxer Walk Fundraiser and took Shayna with me.  What better way to socialize her and see where she needs work than around a herd of short-nosed boxers?

German Shepherd PuppyShayna was the hit of the event! Everyone loved her!  The kids couldn’t leave her alone and she didn’t disappoint them, always ready for some loving or to clean off a sticky face.  Adults loved her, too, I could have taken 3 applications for her for adoption! And the dogs… old and young, big and small boxer or not, they all seemed to enjoy her… well, with the exception of a few cranky dogs… but even the ones that didn’t respond well to her puppy antics, didn’t throw her off her game, she just took heed of their communication and went about her business.

German Shepherd ShaynaIt’s going to take me a few days to fix the bad jumping habit that was knowingly (and ignored) or unknowing reinforced all day!  She is such a sweet and gentle dog that everyone liked to look her right in the face, and she liked to oblige! So anyone that showed the slightest interest in her cuteness had her climbing up their leg to get closer to their face. The adults, who probably didn’t consider what a training nightmare this would turn into, smiled and ruffled her ears.  After all, these are boxer people.  Boxers box. Shayna acted like she was just trying to fit in.  Now the kids… I think the kids might have known better!  I think the kids remembered that dogs aren’t supposed to jump, but Shayna’s loving way made them ignore what their parents are always saying to their own dogs.  I even saw one young man pick Shayna’s feet off the ground and place them on his shoulders! Man, you can’t get good training help these days, especially not at a rescue event where it’s all about fun and training goes out the window!

She is currently lying behind me gnawing on a bully spring my mom bought her yesterday. Such a sweet girl.