If you talk with the animals

they will talk with you

and you will know each other.


If you do not talk with them,

you will not know them.

And what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.


~ Chief Dan George

Animal Communications


Badgers, Bees and Butterflies, Oh My!

by Trish Phillips

I have a confession to make. I am not a dreamer. Scientific research says that everyone dreams; but I seldom, if ever, dream. As a general rule, I don’t remember dreaming. The only time it was problematic was in college when I had to write a 20 page term paper about one of my dreams. I remember that the professor wrote on my term paper that I either have outstanding recall or an active imagination. I think he knew I made it all up.

I know what you are thinking, “So what?”

My response is a question: What do a badger, a bumble bee and a butterfly have in common? I didn’t know either… except that I dreamt (and remembered dreaming) of all three in the past couple of weeks. In simple terms, here is what I learned:

The badger imparts persistence, determination and endurance. Badger teaches us how to stick to a project and see it through to completion. If a badger has come into your life, it is time to do some examination.

The bumble bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. If bumblebee finds you, you must follow its lead. If you are stung, the message here is – WAKE UP! Follow the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Listen to your true self, your higher self. Heed your inner voice and wisdom.

The butterfly is the power of air, the ability to float upon a breeze. They remind us to get up and move, for if you do not move, you cannot dance. The lesson of the butterfly is letting go of old behavior and expounding into the next phase of existence.

Each of us transforms through multiple stages in our life. It is only through exertion that we emerge into who we will be next. So, perhaps the badger, the bumble bee and the butterfly have more in common than one might expect. The lesson of my recent dreams is to follow the lead of the bee (heed my inner voice and wisdom), the take note of the dance of the butterfly (get up and move into my next phase of existence) and quest for the endurance of the badger as I am transformed.

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